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 “Buying, selling, valuating, merging, reorganizing, financing, attracting new capital or conducting due diligence”

Buying - selling

An acquisition or sales process is one in which emotions, negotiations, opportunities, risks and changes all play a part. Our corporate finance specialists will guide you through it professionally.

We can support you by taking on the role of sparring partner and strategic adviser. Our tasks can include exploring the market for suitable acquisition candidates, writing the information memorandum, conducting negotiations, assessing and submitting bids, guiding and conducting due diligence, drawing up the sale and purchase agreement and other legal documents.


You may need financing to be able to grow, expand your business through an acquisition or for other reasons. Our corporate finance specialists will help you examine your organization and your financing requirement so that we understand which form of finance and which finance institutions will suit you best.

We are able to assist you in sorting out the documents required, such as a financing memorandum, and we can ensure that this process runs smoothly too.

Our many years of experience in the banking and financing sector enable us to get the best possible deals in terms of fixed rates and conditions.


A proper business valuation can be valuable to you. Important factors that impact the value of your business are the cash flows your company is expected to generate and the company’s risk profile. Various variables come into play here, such as earnings forecasts and projections of expected investments in fixed assets, as well as in working capital elements. We make use of conventional standards to conduct a proper valuation of your business. Our specialists are members of the Nederlands Instituut voor Register Valuators (Dutch Institute of Business Valuation Experts).

A business valuation can serve you in a variety of situations. Think of disputes between shareholders, mergers and acquisitions, employee participation plans, legal restructurings or restructurings for tax purposes, financing, business successions within families and the entry or exit of shareholders.

Data analysis

Where in the past, labour, financing, raw materials and energy were seen as a company’s most vital business resources, nowadays data is considered to be just as important.

Data and data analysis form essential elements of the services we offer. Transforming data into valuable information improves the understanding that both we, and our clients, have of the organization and helps us to provide answers to the questions faced by our clients. We process data - even large quantities - by using advanced BI applications. With our data-driven approach, we can safely say that we approach issues differently than other corporate finance advisors.

Due diligence

A due diligence investigation forms an integral part of virtually every business transaction process, partially due to the investigation obligation that applies to buyers. A due diligence takes place in the phase that follows after negotiations have been completed and a Letter of Intent has been signed as a result.

We are able to serve you in both sell-side and buy-side due diligence processes. In case of sell-side due diligence, we support, help and guide you fully in setting up a data room. We can support you by collecting and organizing the requested information, but also by answering possible questions. In case of buy-side due diligence, we can support you in carrying out the due diligence in the field of finance, legal, tax and commerce. The report that we subsequently produce in collaboration with our colleagues of Lentink Accountants and Tax advisers presents the risks and opportunities identified at the target in a broad sense.

You can also choose to perform a so-called vendor due diligence. This concerns a due diligence at your own company in preparation for a possible sale or simply because you want to know where you stand with your company.


Restructuring changes the financial or operational structure of a company. This may be necessary because, for whatever reason, the continuity of the company has come into jeopardy, but also because of, for example, tax aspects, or to anticipate on a further growth of the company.

We can help you to form a broader picture of the restructuring by, for example, drafting up an operational or financial restructuring plan. Also, we have the in-house expertise to substantiate these restructuring plans financially with, for example, detailed liquidity forecasts. We are highly aware that timing is often an crucial aspect in these types of processes. With our multidisciplinary team, and possibly in collaboration with our colleagues of Lentink Accountants and Tax advisers, we are able to realize a turnaround for your business within the established time frames.

An entrepreneurial approach to giving advice

We support you by giving advice and carrying out the ‘technical’ work for you. In doing so, we take an entrepreneurial approach. While keeping a keen eye on the risks and all the small print that is part and parcel of major decisions, we – like you – think in terms of opportunities, growth and progress.

We are supported in all this by our team of specialists. We also work in harmonious partnership with our colleagues at Lentink Accountants and Tax Advisers and with external partners. You know what you can expect from us and professional conversations are conducted pleasantly: down to earth, honest and direct!

What if your ambitions extend beyond borders? Then you’re at the right place with Kreston Lentink Corporate Finance. As a partner of Kreston Global, we are also able to conduct international transactions.

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